Mohamed Abdalla Aghil

Chairman in Libya

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Mohamed Abdall Aghil is the founder and chairman of the Middle East Group. He is an international investor with experience in a diverse range of sectors spanning multiple international markets, including the Arabian Gulf, North Africa and Europe.

Mr. Aghil was born in Libya into a prominent landowning family. He started his distinguished career as an entrepreneur in 1977, trading foodstuffs and construction materials in the Sabha and Jufra regions of Libya. In 1981, he travelled to Greece to study at the University of Piraeus, In 1981, he travelled to Greece to continue his education at Piraeus University, before he established a Dubai based company in 1987 that specialised in importing Greek products into the Middle East markets such as desalination equipment, clothing and leather.

Since then, he has focused on building the Middle East Group into the well-respected multi-national corporation it is today. The group is widely recognised for its expertise in Finance, Industrial Equipment, Leasing & Rental, Agriculture, Education and more. Mohamed Abdall Aghil is especially well-known for his track record in bringing international brands into the North African market. Over the years, he has worked with many of the world’s most recognised brands

Over the course of his career, Mr. Aghil has worked tirelessly to further the economic development of Libya, by developing the requisite financial services sector to assist the country in attracting Foreign Direct Investment. He has been widely praised for his role in creating thousands of employment opportunities in the regions in which his businesses operate. He was one of the co-founders of the Libyan Businessmen Council and chairman of Chamber of Commerce between 2004-2006.

Over the years, Mohamed Abdalla Aghil has been a passionate advocate for positive role the private sector plays in society, and has consistently emphasised the importance of social responsibility in business. In 2006, he founded the International School in Tripoli. The school boasts world-class facilities and teaching staff, affording students a top-class education based on the British curriculum. Mr. Aghil continues to support a variety of sports clubs and community projects throughout Libya.