Mohammed Adam



Im A.Mohammed Adam, I was born in Villupuram,Tamilnadu(India).

Im a Crazyboy . Mad at Computer I love to live independent and alone in this world. I feel very proud to be a member of free software foundation Tamil nadu [fsftn-vpm] and GNU linux user .

I Love Hacking Very much. So even in all nights I Surfing in Internet. I learn newthings daily. Self learning is best for me. I sleep only 4 or 5 hours a day. I Think Far with the vision complicated to understand. I Think there is no word like "cannot" in my Life. Even a single citizen of India has so many Social responsiblities in the world.

Interpersonal Skills like

1) Put on a Happy Face, 2) Show the care for all, 3) Be considerate of colleagues, 4) Be an Active Listener, 5) Promote Togetherness, 6) Settle disputes, 7) Be a Great communicator, 8) Make them Laugh, 9) Put yourself in their shoes, 10) Don't be a Whiner

This 10things I Follow in my Life

  • Work
    • Free Software Foundation Tamilnadu-Villupuram
  • Education
    • Computer Science and Engineering