Mohammed Issa


The Born-Again Writer

I feel it in my bones, I feel my blood moving in a new direction, I feel my cells regenerating at a new speed, and I feel my DNA is changing.
I am a lover of life; I am a romantic who is waiting to explode, waiting to self-express, waiting to write. Yes after 46 years I say yes to writing.
I am not meant to be put in a straitjacket we call society, money and status.
I am rebel with or without a cause.
I wanna mess your mind rather than consistently doing mine in
I want to awaken so many dead people living that so-called living people want to be dead.
If it takes the wonder and pain of love to drive me then so Fucking be it.
I’ve released the hand break so hold on and hold tight to this adventure called life
I promise you something if I don’t rock your world at least I will rock mine.
I wanna be king of my heart, owner of my soul
I want to be the lover of life…I want everyone to see, feel, hear and sense my new birth.
I was born to write and I will fucking write.

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