Mamdouh first came to the United Arab Emirates in 1990 and resided in Fujairah with his parents, who have long since supported his affinity with films, after spending the first year of his life in his grandparent's care in his birth town, Cairo, Egypt. Growing up, he attended a strict British school, which scarcely nurtured the arts and crafts. That didn't matter, because Mamdouh claims the school gave him the structure necessary to become a filmmaker. It was early in his life that he found an interest in movies. As a child he over-dubbed Disney films such as The Lion King to create his own "directorial cut" of the films. Before he reached his pre-teens Mamdouh became aware of the techniques used to create stop-action films, and he implemented these techniques by using toys as his protagonists. He quickly got bored and decided on a direction " It was people I wanted to tell stories about, not cartoons or anything else" he says. Mamdouh just completed production on his first feature film, he's also adirected six short films and won awards for excellence in production from established film festivals, he was also recently involved with Pre-Production on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in Dubai.