Shaikh Mohammed

Dhahran Saudi Arabia

Ÿ Overall 15 years of experience in Saudi Aramco Projects, diligent, detail-oriented Project Support Specialist / Projects Coordinator knowledgeable of all office functions, with a solid background in Design Engineering Consultant, coordinating with Saudi Aramco Project Management Team offices, independently handling the project issues for follow-up preliminary project execution procedure well familiar with Saudi Aramco E-Review submittals. Ÿ Pleasant personality, enhanced by professional communication skills, team spirit, analytical and problem solving ability, and the ability to implement rapid development of options for optimized solutions to unexpected urgent projects’ requirements as well as anticipatory attitude of possible future problems leading to a high success rate of problem prevention - intelligent decision making – Effective decision making based on detailed but efficient analysis on options at hand using strategic thinking techniques. Demonstrated capacity to provide comprehensive support to executive-level management; excel scheduling meetings, coordinating travel, and managing all essentials tasks and hosted numerous seminars Excels at multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment, completing projects task within time and budget constraints. Highly cultivated work ethics: integrity, dependability, high work-hours productivity, and more. ŸAble to perform all tasks independently or as part of a team to achieve desired organizational goals. ŸWell organized in handling the satellite office of any GES organization, reporting directly to senior management.

  • Work
    • SCEC(K&A)
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Commerce