Mohammed Vaseeuddin


Mohammed Vaseeuddin [Short & Sweet]

aka Naveed [Nick Name]

Who Am I:

I'm an Indo-Turkish Graphic designer and illustrator located in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

I was born on 14th of Jan 1987. Worked as a designer and received my education in Hyderabad, India. I'd worked as an in-house graphic designer in a couple of advertising agencies, However freelance is what I really wanted to do. In the end of 2008, I started working freelance.

My studio is located in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia and my work as a creative is based in the fields of Graphics, Sketching, Photography, Illustration, Infographics, Corporate design, Digital Publishing, Typography and Copy Writing. I'm also into web designing as I’m capable of handcoding HTML and CSS.

What I Do:

- Identity Design (logos, letterheads, branding etc.)
- Promotional Design (posters, mailers, billboards, etc.)
- Publication Design (books, magazines, etc.)
- Other Print Design (anything else you may need)
- Website Design, Maintenance/Updating, and Coding
- WordPress theme design/customization
- Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Where I'm At:

M1: 966-561-049977