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Rejoice with Our Special Christmas gift just for you 10% OFF on all orders!

We believe Festive season is a time to rejoice and cherish with our customers too and we take pride in sharing these enjoyable moments. On this occasion we wanted to make our customers feel special and wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

We are happy to share with you a special 10% discount on all the NEW orders made on our website this festive season. This discount of 10% will be available for the products/services through out the active period of the product/service that you have ordered.

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1. Premium Discount Customers Enjoy Double Discounts: - This discount is applicable over and above the regular premium discount enjoyed by our Premium customers.

5% Premium Discount Customers get a total of 15% OFF.

10% Premium Discount Customers get a total of 20% OFF.

2. Resellers get to enjoy additional 10% OFF over and above the 10% commission with a total benefit of 20%.

3. Please note the ITEL DIALERS do not qualify for the above specified discounts, However the above mentioned discount is applicable to ALL OTHER products and services ordered from