Mohan P. Pokharel

Blacksburg, Virginia

Dr. Mohan Pokharel earned his Ph.D. in Organization Theory/Public Management from Virginia Tech and the M.S. in International Affairs from Columbia University. He has taught business policy and Strategy at both Virginia Tech and the University of Washington Bothell. He also brings rich industry experience in international business, strategy, and economic development. He is currently teaching the capstone course in Strategic Management and Advanced Topics in Management.

His current research projects explore the relationship between organizational learning and likelihood of venture success and how social entrepreneurship may engage coopetition for innovation. He is also interested in understanding how public sector organizations may gauge and engage organizational learning in semi-autonomous network setting and what is the impact of organizational learning on organizational performance.


Pokharel, M. P. and Hult K.M. 2010. “Varieties of Organizational Learning: Investigating Learning in Local Level Public Sector Organizations” Journal of Workplace Learning Volume 22, Issue 4

Pokharel, M. P. and Dudley, L. S. 2010. “Organizational Learning: Modeling Intervention in a Foster Care System.” International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior Volume 13, Issue 3

Surya Pathak, Mohan P. Pokharel, and Sankaran Mahadevan 2013. “Hyper-Competition, Collusion, Free Riding or Coopetition: Basins of Attraction When Firms Simultaneously Compete and Cooperate?” Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, & Life Sciences Volume 17, Number 1 ISSN 1090-0578

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