Mohan Singhal

Consultant, Web Developer, and Small Business Owner in Pune, India

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Recommended and Placed Candidates / Professionals in more than 350 Renowned Organizations at almost all Levels and Functional areas.

Start your own Executive Search and Placement Agency (Already contributing in this particular area since 1992, just contact and take advantage of the knowledge and experience, open your placement agency and earn high income every month)

Organizing and conducting Training Programs

Selling Skills (Conducts workshops on Result Oriented Selling Skills, Handling Objections and Close)

Business Development (All steps for developing business from gross root level, already contributed in developing the business of many companies)

Can teach anyone about website designing in a very easy manner, promote your products and services.

Affiliate Marketing (Very Interesting Area and one can earn without investment and without storing any products)

Joomla (Software to design website, can teach to design websites using Joomla)

WordPress (Software to design website, can teach to design websites using WordPress

Online (Web Based) Classes (one can conduct classes sitting at home and can earn good money)

Different ways to Earn Money through Internet utilizing your talent, skill

Various Topics of Sales and Marketing

Investment and Trading in shares (how to do Intraday Trading, Buy and Sell of shares for Short-term and Long-term Gains)

Tally Software ( How to use Tally software and do accounting / entries )

Training to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Software

Now concentrating more on online (web based) Advertising and Promotion

Internet Marketing (Provide professional support to promote your products / services)

Website Design & Development

Database Development Work using FilemakerPro