Mohammed Wael

Mansoura, Ad Daqahliyah,Egypt

faculty of engineering

student & studying communcation and electronics engineering

My name's Mohammed Wael and i live in Mansoura , I am 21 years old

and i think that my Biography is big enough in order to write it. But I love my studies and in sections of the college and the love of physics, such as Einstein . I love to read science books and science fiction books and poems and poetry. I love commputer& mobile technology,internet. I love music and I'm trying to learn the piano. Sometimes we try to live our lives like what we want . So I also love my friends very much ,My mother & My father are my life .

I try to develop myself working hard .

I think that's enough until now .

legend never die . So we must do something in this life not die to make the world remember it like the legends .

  • Education
    • Student & Studying mechatronics engineering