Mohd NeoTech Nordin

Truly the virtuoso of open source web-based & UNIX servers programming language for almost 12 years, he has designed and developed over a hundred of corporate websites and portals all around Malaysia.

Started off as a freelance PHP programmer for numerous web-based companies in KL in 2001, he is now a well known figure in the online community, being the force behind Komuniti PHP-Nuke Malaysia, the nation's first open source portal for PHP-Nuke & other open source CMS enthusiasts.

As for his corporate online systems & portals, he has been involved in numerous projects such as Portal, FAMAxchange Portalfor FAMA, SisMI (Sistem Maklumat Islam) for Brunei e-Government, Proton KMS (Knowledge Management System), SSM e-Info, eRama.TV, and so forth.

Armed with an impressive portfolio, Mohd Nordin Hussain is currently heading his team of highly experienced technical team for a joint-venture ongoing project; developing & maintaining SSM e-Info, a project under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, providing corporate information of companies (ROC) & businesses (ROB) registered in Malaysia.