mohga mostafa


تعرفون اسمي لكن لا تعرفون قصتى
تعرفون ماذا فعلت
لكن لا تعرفون الظروف التي مررت بها
لذلك توقفوا بالحكم عنيو انشغلوا بأنفسكم

ان الله لا يضيع اجر من احسن عملا

just love my friends . my family my mobile nd never give up . i'm crazy in f.b twitter ... some times don't know who i'm .. want to be famous change the world. ..... my nickename: moo,mohgty, Don't call me wiz (gogo or jojo) i hate that name . don't care for fake friends I Do Is Affecting The peOple Around Me So I Want To Take This Time Out To Apologize For Things I Have Done And Things That Have N't Occurred yet

wanna travel over the world

love music . books . movies . cartoons ^_^ . quran

  • Education
    • misr universtity for science & technology
    • faculty of foreign languages ant translation Japanies derpartment