Mohi Nur

My full name is Mokhina Ziyaeva.
I was born in December3rd,1991, in historical country Uzbekistan, in city of Samarkand. And I grow up there. I love my city, because all my relatives are live there. They say that where you go, wherever that maybe, there is no smell and no taste.
In 2010 when I was 19, fortune smiled on me and I came to the United States. The first thing I did is I went to the school of Riverside Language Program in Manhattan which was free for us to learn English. It was my unforgettable days there. I got friends from different countries. I loved to live in New York City. In the beginning when I came to the US I was not able to speak English. That school and my teachers in there are really helped me with my English. I will always remember them. Soon I got part time of job, and after all was well.
Now, I start to study, and I am taking ESL classes. I want to know English grammar very well. My major is nurse. I love my Laguardia Community College. I am very grateful to America. God bless America. That is what I pray for every time. Here is all people are kind to each other. All the time I here in outside is "excuse me", "I am sorry" and "thank you". There is freedom. Everything is different from my country. I really miss my country, but I don't want to go back.
First, what I want to do in my life is I want to be a good citizen for the United States and help to the people. I am almost 21, and I feel very strong. I want to change my life as I want and not what others expect of me. One of my wish is I want to go to the United States Army to marines. Because, I love sport, water and uniforms. And I want to protect my country where I live and to do everything in my hands to make it peaceful.