Mohini Puranik

Consultant, Writer, and Poet in Dhule, India

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Namaste! Based on my attempts in the journey of life so far one more attempt to write my bio - the difficult attempt. I love to read philosophical and spiritual books. I love to listen. In the process, I grow as a human. I am a lifelong learner. My life is my journey of self-realization. I love to be known more for my thoughts than how do I look, so I rarely share my photo.

Poet, Electronics Engineer, Social Media Marketing Consultant, Blogger. I believe I am a poet not because I compose poetry but because I feel the divine poetry in my heart discovered me one day and since then poetry has become my love. The mission of life is to spread the glory of Indian culture and Philosophy and by the blessings of the God I write in four languages, English, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit. Fascinated by Advaita Philosophy, Bhaktiyoga and the simplest path of Yoga - The Mahayoga. Love photography to steal the poetry of nature and the moments that become 'still' in the heart.

As a profession, I help small businesses to build and grow their social media presence. My consultation includes Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, Google plus marketing.

  • Work
    • Social Media Marketing Consultant and Strategist
  • Education
    • B. E. Electronics