Mohit Pegwal


MOHIT PEGWAL was born and raised traditional family .he is a mechanical engineering student studying from m.i.e.t college meerut india .he have started off my blog related to the information of supercars,

It's very difficult to say about your self coz you have lots of things. And its become more difficult to express to yourself ( "it's my case" ) when you always trying to learn new things and you want to give something new to this world.

The mostly time i spend on net surfing to collect the different knowledge related to technology and also be interested in entrepreneurship. I sure that one day my dream come true I'LL give something new to you as soon . "Needs Your Blessings"

life is give me so much challenges in engineering. i want to do some different in my life to become a great human being.

thanks take a time to read my bio.

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    • mechanical engineer