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Mohit FP admin is a group of 4 girls who have got a new identity by Mohit Raina. That identity is of being a die-hard Mohitian.

Every girl has done Fangirling at some point of her life. Be it Fangirling about a prince she came across in a fairy tale which she read while growing up, be it fangirling a famous personality for some specific quality of theirs, be it fangirling a TV actor, or be it fangirling a non-existent person who only meets in dreams. However, Mohit FP was a life changing experience for us. We have merged fangirling with Devotion. At times, we are Hero-Worshipping Mohit Raina. At times, we are discussing Lord Shiva. Mohit FP is home for Mohit Raina fans as well as Lord Shiva devotees. Not that these two are different anymore. Mohit’s portrayal of Lord Shiva has erased the fine line between fangirling and devotion. He has given us a reason to smile, a reason to be happy, a reason to day-dream and above all, he has shown us with his acting skills that he possesses all the qualities which any and every girl looks for to turn head over heels.

In the sea of thousands of Mohitians (that’s what we call Mohit Raina fans), there was a kind (and also a lucky soul), who was a mohitian since “Ganga Ki Dheej” serial which aired on Sahara One in 2011. A thought came to her mind one day, to spread her wings and fly. And, thus was created “Mohit FP”. 3 more Mohitians joined her in a span of time and today, we 4 mohitians are running this FP for Mohit Fans 24*7 on Twitter and Facebook and interacting with thousands of hearts beating on Twitter and facebook for Mohit.

We would want to thank all of you for being a part of our journey. It has been a great experience with all of you and we cherish each one of you. We appreciate all fan arts, poems, articles, everything wich is an ode to our divinely and majestic superhero Mohit. Now that his charm has cast a spell on all of us, lets take refuge in this Universe of bountiful love for mohit and feel enchanted forever. With this, we present to you our Mohit_FP blog named “Everything Mohit Raina”. Feel at home here, because we all are here for a single reason : to celebrate Mohit Raina every moment.