Mohit Kumar

New Delhi

Mohit Kumar is a Cyber Security & Cyber Forensics Expert and is actively assisting National Level as well as State Level Law Enforcement Agencies. He has assisted many ISO companies in securing there infrastructure from any kind of Cyber Crime, malware infection, Corporate Espionage and Data Theft. He has handled 300+ fake profile & 2000+ cyber crime cases. He has analysed 3000+ Digital medium (Computers, Laptops, mobile phones) forensically for various Government Agencies. At the age of 21 he had found out a flaw in and Major ISP's. He has been appointed by India Today Group as a Honorary Cyber Expert on Aaj-Tak's expert panel.

His areas of expertise are:

[+] Cyber Crime Cases.

[+] Data Security & Management.

[+] Cyber Forensics.

[+] Employee Surveillance Solutions.

[+] Mobile Phone Security.

[+] Vulnerability Assessment.

[+] Penetration testing

For any kind of assistance regarding Cyber Security & Cyber Forensics.


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