Mohit Choudhary

Gandhinagar, Gujarat

I'm Mohit (people know me as MoCho), a fourth year undergraduate persuing B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology (read Computer Science :p) from Dhirubhai Ambani Instiute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) under Kokilaben Ambani Trust.

I am a pseudo geeky guy and I love participating in cultural activities.. Working for Synapse 2013 as a core committee member, were the moments I enjoyed the most in DAIICT. I love watching Suits and Arrow. :)

The things I love most in life are friends, family and a girl (the "girl" keeps changing weekly or rather daily :p .).

On week days you'll usually find me in Resource Center, Galla or in my palace - A-303. On weekends I like to sleep and search for new website development widgets.

My idea of the perfect day would be to start with coffee and newspapers. I love reading new tech magazines. Later I'd like to search for widgets, explore MAC, visit info wid "bakars" And I'd top it all off by having cheese burst double cheese margherita from Domino's (obv at 50% discount) :p.

I am basically from Patna, although i have stayed and studied in Jaipur during my high school years (in DPS Jaipur hostel).

My dream for future is to have be my own startup business. Yes! My B-Plan is ready, all i am waiting for is investors, needless to say, the reader, if interested may request for investment. =D

In my 18 yrs of life... i hv achieved evy thing that a man wishes to..... (studied in prestigs DPS Jpr..., attended DPS MUN session..., played west zone in basketball..., played at state level in T.T..., joined bansal classes..., stayed in hostl fr 3 yrs...,bla bla bla...)

m die hard fan of Ruskin Bond~~... n Swat cats!!

  • Education
    • B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology