Mohit Jain


Hello Friends & My well wisher

I am Mohit Jain,
I am sharing some moments of my life with you here.

I have faced my difficult in my life so far but i never afraid because i believe that " if we achieve some thing without difficult is not value ".

When i was 15 i started creating a website by help some online free site creation, I have created many site for my self, support to Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev & religion site too..

When i create website supporting Anna Hazare against corruption. Media people support me & they printed this as news in

" Times Of India on 17 June 2011 as heading 15-Yr-OLD DESIGNS WEBSITE AGAINST CORRUPTION "

" Deccan Chronicle also published a news on 18 Oct 2011 in spotlight edition "

" Indian A site for youngster has also wrote an article headline as TEENAGE CREATES A SITE SUPPORTING ANNA HAZARE on 22 August 2011. "

Then My Dad support me.., he ask me join some course for my future. So I plan to learn D.T.P course. I joined the course in Bangalore. After my completion of my course i returned back to Puducherry (Pondicherry) on 1 Jan 2012.
Then I started my career at Pondicherry.
I start do marketing via Facebook. Facebook help me a lot for my career.

I got a surprise order via Facebook.

For website development & designing form Jaipur Client (Jain Lagan Mandap) & Facebook marketing for M Tech Mobile From Calcutta.
I really very happy that they gave a opportunities to prove myself.

After a few month one unknown person started chatting with me.

They ask me to come and meet me to join our company as a designer post.

After this IDEAS++

God & well wisher always support me & showed right path in my life

It feels great that many peoples appreciated my work & support me & guided me in my future.

I thank all those great people & well wishers.

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