Mohammad Misto

Project Manager and Public Speaker in Amman, Jordan

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Mohammad Misto, Energetic guy and the man behind more than 15 social entrepreneurship projects in Jordan, one of his goals is to make the arab youth get back to the compete on the global level and try to give them the innovate power to be on the top of the innovative youth in the world through his Edu-Technological initiatives, to teach youth the latest trending technologies and give them the enough knowledge to use it in a positive and valuable way, his latest projects called 3DArabi, which is also an Edu-Technological project aims to teach youth almost everything that it related to 3D space, like 3D Printing, 3D Designing and how to use this knowledge in the different fields, in addition, to give them a good knowledge about other trending technological things like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, we are now trying to get some fund to unleash those youth projects and make them see the light, Misto won in several awards like, one of the top 20 social entrepreneurs in Jordan 2015 from the International youth foundation, the best solution for in the tourism sector 2017 from Applied science research fund, Misto spoke in more than 140 events inside and outside Jordan and his passion make him always ready for anything can support youth and their improvement.

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    • Al-Hussein Bin Talal University l جامعة الحسين بن طلال
    • Al-Hussein Bin Talal University