Mohsin M. Siddique

Mohsin M. Siddique is a Social Activist, Social Media Specialist and a Mentor with his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, creative idea resourcing and solutions to improve lives for better. His lust of inculcating social media blessings to his daily and professional life has given a new meaning to self-building and opportunity socialization.

Travelling down a series of highs and lows, today Mohsin M. Siddique is the CEO of, a social media agency; Chief Strategy Officer at Supertec Foundation; Manager at 1 Million Businesses, dedicating a series of Open Source Business Models; COO at Rehan School, a mobile-video based learning system; Learning Process Manager at Super Technologies and is Certified from UPeace, a United Nations Mandated University of Peace, for Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Change.

Being a social person, Mohsin possess a natural talent of influential and impactful techniques in consultancy. His love and devotion to help people has motivated him to furnish his mentoring character by getting himself as a Licensed NLP Practitioner Life Coach. Whereas, meeting with intellects & inspiring personalities, and embracing knowledge from them acts as an oxygen in his life. Constant efforts on self–improvement are a key practice and a common topic of discussion of Mohsin M. Siddique in his various public interviews and conversation.

Mohsin has conducted numerous trainings and meetups on Entrepreneurship, Social Media including different Universities, Corporate sectors as well as Govt departments, Conducted motivational and inspirational seminars and lectures on Entrepreneurship and innovation, have lead numerous NGOs mentoring meetups, etc

What Mohsin M. Siddique teaches and shares is what is beautifully said by Joel Brown:

“Life Is Short, Live your dream and announce your Passion with No Shame. Everyone has a story, make yours a Classic!!”

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    • Certified in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Social Change UPEACE,
    • Licensed NLP Practitioner