Mohamed Tarek El Maghraby

Residence & POB; Alexandria, Egypt.

DOB; 6 December 1989

2008' El Nasr Boys' School Graduate.

4th year Law Student, Alexandria University.

Working in Advertising and Paper Printing & Packing Field.

Interests; Reading, Writing, History, Politics, Law, Graphic Designing, Photography, Drawing, Art, Cinema, Music & Sports.

When it comes to football thats my Game, Football to me is Manchester United FC, I am a Co-Founder of Manchester United FC First fans group in Egypt since 2010.

My Life Goal; is Eradication of Illiteracy in Egypt, And I'll go for it with all my heart and soul. As this is our first step towards Renaissance.

Speaks; عربي, English, Un peu Français, Un Poco Españoles.