Mohummed Nasrallah

My name is Mohummed and you can call me NOsSa if you like ,I was born in 1993 ( NOTE : A lot of thing happened in that year and the biggest event is my Born lol:D )

love video games so fuckin much and i spend about 6 hours playing and playing , Love my friends their names are ( Kajo & Zero ) when we hanging out you should know there is a disaster is going to happen , I have one sister she's older than me she is an University student , actually she's a good girl ,oh yeah My MOM she is my love i love her from the earth to the sun ,Now i'm in the high school in the 3rd class ,watching TV is my way to escape from my homeworks and my duties lol,here's some of my video games ( sure Need For Speed , Prince Of Persia , PES , God of War , Dungeon Siege III , GTA IV & San Andreas , Sniper Elite V2 , MW3 , Call Of Duty , Medal Of Honor , and alot of video Games i can't remember right now )

Oh The Music ( Rap , R&B , Reggae , Rock , i love really Human Beat box )

So you can expect what singers i love so not necessary to mention them .

Okay that's the end thanx for Reading !!