Moira Michaels

Please allow me to introduce myself.My name is Moira.I was born and raised right here in the south.A true homegrown SWEET,Ga Peach. How would I describe my appearance? Buxom,VOLUPTUOUS brunette with sensual seductive brown eyes.Now,about my personality! I have been told I have a very sweet n charming sense of humor.With a southern belle,sassy,flirtatious side that will turn heads..if need be.I can be spontaneous if the mood strikes me and I think of something creative to do.For example,back in 2000,I posed NUDE for a "Life Drawing" art class at the local University! The professor said I reminded him of the Ruben paintings.I also submitted pictures to a nationally published ADULT magazine.And was given a 10pg pictorial including an interview in the Jan2000 issue of Big Butt Magazine.Not bad for a small town Dixie chic.The producers of The Jenny Jones Show saw my pictorial and requested I appear on the show.That's how I met Playboy model Darion Michaels (no relation)