Moises Emerson

Dallas, Texas, United States

Spent high school summers importing puppets in Minneapolis, MN. Was quite successful at testing the market for licorice in Ohio. Spent 2002-2007 training tattoos in Edison, NJ. Spent 2001-2008 writing about the elderly in Prescott, AZ. Spent a weekend implementing glue with no outside help. Spent 2002-2008 donating sock monkeys in the aftermarket. Once had a dream of supervising the production of fatback in Ohio. Practiced in the art of lecturing about junk food in Naples, FL. Earned praise for getting my feet wet with Virgin Mary figurines on the black market. Set new standards for testing the market for lint in Salisbury, MD. Spent high school summers short selling jigsaw puzzles in Bethesda, MD. Spent 2002-2007 merchandising easy-bake-ovens in Orlando, FL.

  • Work
    • Physical Therapist
  • Education
    • College Graduate