Moises Sanchez


Hello , my name is Moises Sanchez Garcia , I was born on 27 novienbre 1995 in Comitan Chiapas.
My father's name is Jose Gustavo Sanchez Morales and my mother's name is Maria Dominga Garcia Gordillo.
my dad is a carpenter and my mother is a housewife. when I was three years old I started to take classes in the garden children.
when I had after 6 years, I enter in the primaria school. where I lived many pleasant moments as much amused me of my friends and when I was ten years I started to help my dad at work. always in school I was the best and I won many diplomas and with that I was doing very happy my parents since I also remember a loved playing soccer and I was often selected to represent the school at sporting events.

when I was 12 years old he finished primary school and I start telesecundaria school where I lived and studied three years very happy.

And when I was 15 years old I studied in CBTis of comitan city where I was a little difficult because the school was removed from where I lived because I usually get up at 7:00 pm . were also the most difficult homework .

I am currently living in Suchiapa and I am studying at the polytechnic university of Chiapas where I have a very different life . I'm in the first quarter in the engineer in mechatronics.

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