Moises Gadea


Moisés Gadea, is a Nicaraguan trovador, or singer-songwriter. His lyrics reflect the social reality of his country, especially that of children and the less fortunate parts of society. Gadea's original lyrics offer a message of solidarity, justice, hope and reflection, and his rythms are firmly planted in the traditional Nicaraguan son, or sound. As a young artist Gadea drew his influences from a range of different styles, playing in a number of popular groups. As a solo artist, Moises Gadea has recorded 4 albums, all under the alternative record label MOKADISCOS: Bien Arropado (2004), Aitimaa (2006), Laberinto (2008), Coleccion (2012). In 2008 Moisés Gadea was awarded the title "Songwriter of the Year" by the Nicaraguan National Assembly.