Moises Holguin

Austin, Texas

Hey everyone! My name is Moises Holguin and I am a Junior at the University of Texas Austin studying Computer Science and Mathematics. I am the "coolest nerd" you will ever meet haha I am very social and love hanging out with friends, catching a movie, and "partying" while at the same time I love playing MW3, coding, and believe it or not tutoring people in math. I am very laidback and easy going and firmly believe that a stranger is just a friend I haven't met. I take my morals, religion, academics, and friends/family very seriously and if you can respect that we will get along great. I will accept almost any friend request but if we don't actually talk or you are not a positive influence in my life, I will most likely delete you. Sorry for going on forever but if you want to know anything else just ask! Later and Hook 'Em Horns!!!

  • Work
    • Intel
  • Education
    • Stockdale High School
    • University of Texas at Austin