Moises Wahnon

Doctor and Volunteer in Miami, Florida

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I would like to talk a little bit about myself. I work as a surgeon, I live in Miami, married and have three wonderful children. I am a volunteer for Animal Welfare Society for 4 years.

How many times I have saved the abandoned and destitute animals affected by the inaction, indifference and malice of their owners.

For me it does not matter who is in trouble - a dog, cat, raccoon or a parrot.

My vocation is to help, heal and find a new home. Give the animal shelter, love and care - that is the true calling for every human.

Hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, aquarium fish - is not living toys, that can be thrown out. Any animal on the planet - it is a gift of God, and our goal to increase these gifts.

If you want to join the society movement for the protection of animals - ask how Moises Wahnon. You can write on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Just search Moises Wahnon, Miami.

I will be very grateful to everyone to apply to me with a proposal. Thank you!