Moises Wahnon Maman

President and Director in Miami, Florida

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Welcome. I’m Moises Wahnon Maman, the President of EcoEnvironment Solutions, a Miami based biodegradable packaging company. We are the owners of the brand Nature Renew (, which redefines biodegradability to be exactly what you expect – a product that decomposes no mater where it is. Many biodegradable products today only degrade if put in a special compost bin, where they are taken to go through a composting process. But if you did not do that, they are almost as bad for the environment as any other product. We are here to change that – EcoEnvironment's solutions decompose on their own within 16 months of being left in the wild. While we obviously don't suggest you live trash behind, we do recognize many people do, and you should have a quiet conscious if you accidentally left something out after your picnic.

I am also the managing director of Green Starch Technologies, which produces the materials used to make many of EcoEnvironment's products. The largest production line is for tapioca based material that is resilient even when exposed to acids, oils, water and alkaline, but still degrades after a short time in a natural setting.

While this is my main focus, I am also a certified gemologist by the GIA, and am the president of MW Corporation USA Inc. Our business works as a B2B model with other Miami businesses to ensure they never turn down a costumer who is looking for a specific stone, jewelry or luxury watch. We support a variety of stores and are always looking for new business partners.

Previous work History:

President of Degil USA LLC (Miami, 2010-2014)

Managing Director at Artepiu Joyeria (Venezuela, 2006-2009)

President of Joyeria Camino de Oro (Venezuela, 2004-2009)

Executive Director at Distribuidora Apolo (Venezuela, 1998-2009)

President of Joyeria Marfil de Oro (Venezuela, 1992-2009)


BA in Business Administration from Universidad José María Vargas, Venezuela 1990

Certified Gemologist Diploma from Gemological Institute of America, NYC 2012.

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