Moiz Masood Sultani

Filmmaker in Lisbon, Portugal

A filmmaker who:

- works as a researcher, director, associate producer, co-producer, line producer, production manager

- presented his student film at the Short Film Corner of Festival de Cannes and walked on the Red Carpet

- was sent to London on an all-expenses-paid trip by British High Commission to present his first documentary at UK's biggest documentary festival 'London International Documentary Festival' (LIDF)

(and a Sufi on an spiritual journey with a keen interest in Stoicism, Kabbalah, Taoism & Buddhism, who is constantly growing and improving himself, internally and externally. Loves music, sports, art, history and philosophy! Does foreign languages, Salsa-Jive dance, cooking, meditation and Power Yoga!)

  • Education
    • Art
    • Design
    • History
    • Philosophy
    • Photography