Being reborn on planet Earth circa 1985, passed the toddler years trying to communicate with earthlings through incomprehensible scribbles on pieces of paper.

Discovered time-travel superpowers at the age of eighteen and tried to capture essences of this world using a camera obscura.

After many years of spiritual training and zombie slaughtering, resigned from the leadership of the Kitten Assassination Ninja Order to join forces with the League of Awesome Game Artisans , becoming an Art Sensei in their ranks.

Since then, been swinging conceptual pendulums and manipulating components on gamified artistic blueprints. In spare time, dreaming of dating pin-ups, eating krabby-patties and playing the blues.

Conjuring mojo on daily basis and waiting for Cthulhu to wake-up, while mocking the universe for more challenge!

  • Work
    • Flipped Horizons
  • Education
    • Athens Faculty of Fine Arts & Design