cherk min mok

Cherk Min , Mok

Contact Info Address:

1 A Main road, 81000 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia.

Mobile No:016-7738533


Personal Particulars Age: 33 years old

Date of Birth: 11 July 1978

Nationality: Malaysia

Gender: Male

Martial Status: Single

IC No: 780711-04-5281

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Profession Industrial Engineer specializes in design, controlling and project management within the growth of Marine Industry.

EDUCATION: -Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland UK) .

Msc in Electronics Engineering (1 Year) – Distinction 2002-2003 -Engineering Council Exam (EC) (UK) CITY & GUILDS . Completed part 1 and Part 2(a) (Part time) – Passed 2000-2002 -Tunku Abdul Rahman College (Malaysia) . Advanced Diploma of Electronics Engineering (2 Years) – Merit 2000-2002 . Diploma in Electronics Engineering (1 Year) – Merit 1999-2000 . Diploma in Electronics Engineering (2 Years) – Merit 1997-1999 COURSEWORK Fundamentals of Solid State Devices, Digital ICs and Systems, MEMS and integrated System Systems, Advanced Analog Integrated Circuit, Hardware Description languages, VLSI Design, Semiconductor Process and Device Simulation, semiconductor Device Theory, microprocessor and Micro-Controller Systems, Digital Computer Organization and peripherals.

AWARD RECEIVED Was awarded as a “BOOK PRICE” winner in Diploma 2nd year 1999 Was awarded as a “BEST BATMAN” & BEST WICKET KEEPER” in Cricket MSSJ 1997 ACTIVITIES AND HONORS -Oct 2000- Technical Project Manager of Electronics Engineering Society (EES) Technical Project -Organized the technical Project for diploma 1st and 2nd year student. -Oct 1999-Technical project Assistance of Electronics Engineering Society (EES) Technical project -Nov 1996-Represented Johore State player for Cricket in SUKMA at Pahang, Malaysia. -Jun 1995-Represented school for “PAMERAN SAINS” in University Technology Malaysia (UTM). Project name “Intelligent Door” FINAL YEAR PROJECT (Msc IN ELECTRONICS) Title: Characterization of Impurity Dopant Diffusion in SSOI substrate with buried Wsi2 layer (SSOI) This project is undertaken in Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) Research Center. It has a state of art in Silicon on Insulator technology as used in advanced CMOS and Bipolar chip. A new niche area of this technology is known as Silicon on Silicide on Insulator (SSOI). This