Mokshayatan International Yogas

Yoga and Meditation TechniquesAn eye capturing and heart touching handsome young boy of 18 years with fair complexion, strong muscular built, always cheerful & glowing face and deep bright eyes, abundant energy, self confidence, leadership skill, wonderful art of oratory with offers of film industry, class one jobs in police, army and in private sector and other worldly attractions all around BUT… clear vision.

Childhood: Yoga and Meditation TechniquesIncarnated on 30th April 1952 this divine soul carried yog from his previous birth with him and from his early childhood started sharing his previous birth's knowledge with all those around him and at the tender age of 6 this child could recite Yog Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali and complete Yog Darshan was the subject of his choice at this tender age.

Yog Education: Yoga and Meditation CentreGuruji inherited yog from his previous birth, he doesn't remember any formal schooling in yog and so his parents, as told earlier his father told that from the very beginning of life he noticed his unusual life style that differed him form normal children. He used to wake up at 4 and practice eight fold yog.

Studying Vedanta: Guru ji establishes that Vedanta is the essence of Vedas the ultimate knowledge to be understood and followed through Yogic discipline that leads to self realization and the blissful state of being. It is not for a particular sect or caste but for entire humanity.

Social Work: Yoga and Meditation Program"Life of Guru ji is not at all for his own, he is incarnated for the betterment of society and he has always taught us to at least do good to others once a day" tells the student of Guruji.