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NJEIAA Encourages business owners to ensure best air quality for employees

The New Jersey Environmental Inspectors and Analysts Association (NJEIAA) is encouraging business owners to ensure excellent indoor air quality inside the workplace. Speaking before a conference of business owners, NJEIAA President Noel Ivanson says, better indoor air quality will always redound to higher productivity.

Ivanson says ensuring good quality of indoor air will beneficial to both the employer and employees because there will be lesser sick days, and productivity is increased. At the same time, employees will remain healthy and at a lower risk of contracting illnesses that can be caused by poor indoor air quality.

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has mentioned several health risks associated with poor indoor air quality at work. Such was discussed in one of their posts on indoor air quality in the work area.

Indoor air quality problems

The website of Occupational Health Safety has mentioned the most common complaints cited by employees and workers when it comes to indoor air quality. In the same write-up, the author also discussed the impact to the health and what can be done to address the issue.

The New Jersey-based environmental lab and field inspectors’ organization emphasized that indoor air quality can be ensured with appropriate ventilation and elimination of indoor pollutants, reducing exposure to possible pollutants, and appropriate safety training to all employees among other steps. Ivanson adds, adhering to the state regulations on indoor air quality also ensures that employees will not be unduly exposed to these harmful elements.

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