Colin Mosher

I'm funny, smart, and athletic. I like using sarcasm, can't you tell? I am confident in what I do and like to be a leader. I like a tough challenge. I like to be the center of attention, but I'm always willing to share it. I also like to help and teach others. I volunteer because I get to help kids live awesome lives. I absolutely love cars, sports, music, games, girls, and other typical guy stuff, but I also like cooking and bacon. Who doesn't love bacon?

I love playing soccer and staying active, mainly because I love sports (both watching and playing) and I use them to stay in shape and have fun. I like being healthy, so I work out and make sure to not eat too many Oreos, as they are my weakness.

I am a big fan of UNC sports and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I know LeBron left, and no I don't despise him for going to a place he wants to be. I watch all UNC basketball games thanks to student tickets and make sure to curse the Dookies publicly whenever they do anything. That's not entirely true, but the point is received.

I am ideologically conservative, but I am not necessarily tied to the Republican party. I am born and mostly raised Catholic, and I try to go to church at least once a week. Socially, I am a very fun and outgoing guy, but it may take a few nudges to get me going.

I realize so far almost every sentence of this biography has started with the word "I." I don't care. I like it that way.

I also really love pets. Cats, dogs, ferrets, sugar gliders, bearded dragons, fennec foxes, axolotls. You name it, I think it's cute and have watched probably 20 Youtube videos of it.

I like collecting things, the good kind of collecting, as in not hoarding. I collect boxes, Hot-Wheels, video games, magazines, and model cars. Yes, I said boxes.

I like almost all types of music, such as 80s music, pop, hip hop, R&B, rap, classic rock, pop rock, house, alternative, comedy, dance, electro hop, and more. I prefer not to listen to country, emo, or screamo music though.