Moleboheng Letsika

Student, Teacher, and Hair Stylist in Katlehong, South Africa

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Well I am a Christian. I am kind and caring, basically I am a friendly person. I don’t believe in hatred and jealousy, I think they are just way too much burdens for one to carry. I am a free spirit and I don’t get offended by anyone’s opinion about me. I am not judgemental and I love learning about other people’s life experiences in general. I work best with a group and as an individual. I am an ambitiuos person.

My expectations in this course is to grow my knowledge on the use of technology since learning is evolving so much into the technological world, whereby in schools we now use smartboards, projectors, laptops and cellphones to enhance better and easier ways of learning. All these create an interesting learning environment for both learners and teachers. Since we are all in this online world now, technology helps us make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun hence my expectation is to improve my technological skills.

My technology ability is currently average I would say. I can use certain softwares and applications on smartphones and computers/ laptops, to mention a few MSWord, excel. I believe there is always a room for improvement.

My current challenge is finance. Tuition costs are rising at alarmingly high rates, the cost of meals, transportation and textbooks. Not forgetting that tetiary is not high school where one would wear school uniform everyday, so the cost of clothing also aid to my finacial problems.

I want to be a democratic teacher, one who is free from discrimination and prejudice. The kind of teacher who indulge real life experiences with learning. The kind of teacher who provides a safe, secure and comfortable environment for all learners in order for learners to perform their best. I want to motivate and inspire my learners everyday to do better than yesterday.

Well what makes me to get up every morning is my hunger for success, to go out there and pursue my goals. But above all to be the change that the world needs, even if the change is just to smile to one person, just to give someone hope that there’s a better tomorrow especially amongst us students where there is so much depression.