Monique Mandley

Social Media Manager and Sales in Detroit, MI

I'm a mid- (okay, fine, late) thirty-something year old single gal living in the suburbs of Detroit. By day I work in marketing, with a special emphasis on social media (which I love) and keeping track of the 5 Ws at the office (which is sometimes tedious, but *mostly* I love it). By night, I read, binge watch Netflix, try new recipes and blog. Currently, I blog about trying to find love, current events (hey, they're current to me, okay?), the stories that people always say, "Are you for real?" about, and whatever else pops into my little pea-brain. Rarely will I disappoint you. And if I do, I promise it will be in the most spectacular way possible.

  • Work
    • RBD Creative
  • Education
    • Oooh, ahhh! Proud to be a Chippewa!
    • Central Michigan University