Mollie O Grady

My background is in teaching. I work as a language teacher and I am a qualified translator. When my children were younger, I worked from home as a translator and I also provided an interpreting service on occasion. It has been teaching which has provided me with the most satisfaction and also the greatest insight into myself as, really, there is nowhere to hide from young people. I first started my online business a number of years ago, when my youngest child was in college. Initially, I started researching some projects which I could work from home and which would provide a challenge and also a nice little supplementary income for my husband and myself. As I researched and worked through the information, I began to realise that the possibilities of earning online were almost limitless and that, while the market was global, the competition out there was equally extensive. I was also in the position at the time of being almost clueless with regard to the technological expertise required. While I had believed that I was "pretty good" with computers up to then, all I really meant was that I could do on my PC what I needed to do. In reality, I was totally out of my depth when it came to creating websites, coming to grips with hosting, domains and themes. I had researched many "work from home" programs, some of which promised the world of riches for almost zero effort, and others which seemed very realistic in their claims but required a lot of effort for modest returns. It was when I started to research Internet Marketing that I began to realise that it was possible to have a home business which I could set up myself, would not demand my constant attention and would eventually make me a realistic income. It was not easy when I started out on the road to Internet Marketing. In fact, it was probably the most challenging and frustrating work I had done in a lifetime. I was lost, overwhelmed, desperate and totally isolated in my efforts. My family began to think I was losing it, but I was on a road that I knew I was not going to leave because I KNEW where that road was leading me. The turning point for me came last year when I became a member of SFM. They provided the coaching, support and mentoring I needed and gave my business that added impetus and which sent things into overdrive. I LOVE Internet Marketing and the life it allows us.