Mollie Sandler

Hey! My name is Mollie Sandler and I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I actually live thirty minutes north of Charlotte in Cornelius, but it is easier just to say Charlotte. I am a junior at UGA and I am majoring in social work. After I graduate, I would love to get my masters in social work in a big city like New York City or Boston. Then, I would like to become a licensed clinical social worker and work with young adults and teenagers in the field of mental health.

I am very close with my family which consists of my mom, dad, 18 year old sister, and my two dogs. Rufus is a Yorkie and Phoebe is a Havanese. My mom got Phoebe after I graduated high school so I am waiting to see if my parents get another animal after my sister, Ellis, graduates high school this coming year. Tennis plays a huge part in our life since all my family members share that hobby. As of now, I am currently binge watching The Office on Netflix and I am a huge fan of Parks and Rec, Law and Order, Dexter, Parenthood, and Gossip girl.