Molly Davies

Student in Australia

Molly Davies

Student in Australia

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Hello! Im a 15 year old non-binary demigirl with a passion for the arts, creative studies and anime tiddies.

I use any pronouns however i have i'm more prone to lean towards she/her and they/them.

I would prefer to not label my sexuality as its very fluid, i'm almost always questioning my sexuality and my preferences.

I love dangan ronpa, fire emblem, pokemon, overwatch, xenoblade chronicles and ect.

-----Kin List-----

Kaede Akamatsu (NDRV3)

Olivia (Fe: A)

Komaru Naegi (DR:UDG) (Overwatch)

Melia Antiqua (XC)

Moon (Pokemon SuMo)

-----Very Personal Ships------

(Please don't associate with me if you hate or dislike these ships)

Akamastu (Amami x Kaede)

Moonlilyshipping (Moon x Lillie)

Tokomaru (Toko x Komaru)

Owainigo (Owain x Inigo)

Lucisev (Lucina x Severa)

------More Ships------

(More lenient with these ships / could care less if you hate them however they are still all very prized to me!)

Saimatsu (Kaede x Saihara)

Komahina (Komaeda x Hinata)

Nanamiki (Chiaki x Mikan)

Oumasai (Saihara x Ouma)

Oumaede (Ouma x Kaede)

Scarrin (Scarlet x F Corrin)

Ferriswheelshipping (N x BW Protag)

Perfectworldshipping (Lysandre x Sycamore)


(Do not associate with me if you ship these!! Please)

Gontouma (Gonta x Ouma)

Irumouma (Iruma x Ouma)

Shimadacest (Hanzo x Genji)

Roadrat (Roadhog x Junkrat)

Mercy76 (Mercy x Soldier 76)

+ Any related to incest, abuse, pedophilia and large age gaps.



Visual Art






+ Cute Girls ;)


Thank you for reading this! ^^