Molly Holt

I am a Middle School Science Education major at the University of Central Missouri. I am passionate about science, particularly ecology. I am also passionate about teaching and can't wait to make science both real and valuable to my students. Upon graduation, I hope to become a part of the Teach for America program and head out west to the Seattle-Tacoma area to work with underprivelaged students. Some say every child has the right to an education. I feel that every child has the right to a good education.

I love music, movies, and books. My favorite music changes by the day, but for today Iron and Wine fills my ears. I read everything. I'm reworking my way through The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I haven't read it since high school and I'm curious to know if the same things ring true to me now that did back then. I also love all movies. If it is Sundance, there is a pretty good chance that I will deeply love it. However, I also like the terrible b-list movies that are found in the $5 dollar bin at Walmart and huge blockbusters.

I'm obsessed with social media of all types. The internet is a fantastic tool when used appropriately. Gone are the days of the scary internet. We live in a time when connecting with people online is both acceptable and normal. I wholeheartedly intend to expand my grasp on social media.

And so it goes.