Molly Kate

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

My name is Molly Kate. I live in Boston and work full time as an auditor. My biggest passions include photography and traveling to new places so I started a budget travel photography blog called Things That Keep You Dreaming. This blog is mostly photographs, stories of the places I’ve traveled to, thoughts and reflections, photo essays, travel and photography tips, and more along those general lines.

I grew up in New England, went to college, got a Master’s degree in Accountancy, and headed along with a mass of young students into the public accounting world. I am currently working to obtain my CPA license!

"Capturer of Spirit and Spiriter of Capture"...It's a catch phrase that's a play off of the Court Jester movie with Danny Kaye. I love to photograph the soul of this planet and share it with others. How wonderful it is that a photograph is like a window into the soul of place, giving us a glimpse of the spirit within.

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