Molly Rademaker

Consultant, Artist, and Life Coach in Berkeley, California

Do you want to get things done?? Have tons of ideas that never seem to go anywhere? Running a business but need some HR, organizational and/or upgrading help?

Moi! At your service. You don't have to change your life to get your business where you want it to be! Just do what I say and your life is going to change regardless. Lots of people have the talent/company/ideas/goals but have no FUCKING idea what to do with it! Let me help you upgrade your company, get you through/to that merger and even work out the kinks in your essential but highly individuated work force!

Why should you trust me? Well I'm an obsessive problem solver looking for some meaty issues in the business world, no shortage I'm sure, and I have that "think outside the box" thing DOWN. Survived on the street and came up through ganja farming, all drug free and remaining a real human. Gotta love it. My candor does not mean that I'm not serious, I AM. But life should be enjoyed, especially when there are challenges and problems to solve so hit me up!!