molly stuart.


born in the 90's and growing up in california, molly stuart is barely a teenager and is still trying to find her place in this world. she attempts to enjoy the small things in life, such as drinking coffee on saturday mornings or snuggling up on the couch to watch a comforting tom and jerry episode. in her free time, molly enjoys photography, reading magazines, singing, drawing, sketching, listening to music, wandering carelessly around this planet, sleeping, shopping and blogging. she believes in the christian faith and that EVERYONE was created equally. you see, molly is the type of girl that likes her skirts pink and her goals set straight. she is always determined to be the best that she can be! ariana grande is her inspiration, and molly is extremely grateful and blessed to say that she had the privilege to meet her or march 29th, 2013. to make that day so very special, she even got to meet ariana with one of her best friends in the whole entire world, gia. (@hiimgia on instagram.) march 29th was definitely the best day of molly's life. (feel free to follow her ariana grande fan page, @BlossomButera!) ♡ molly is a lover of many things; some of which include flowers, magazines, coffee, music, hair bows, photographs, her wonderful family, alice in wonderland, cupcakes, picnics, cartoons, perfume, wearing baggy sweaters with messy buns, glorious summer days, saltwater taffy, starbucks, cute socks & clothing, beauty & fashion, and her true friends. @FragileSpirts, (molly's main instagram account) is inspired by zoey. (@ZoeyGoesRawr.) in her opinion, zoey has some of the most beautiful pictures, and she wants to be just like her someday. (remember to keep the lovely zoey in your prayers.) balboa island, ponderosa lodge, the crystal cove beach and New York City are a few of molly's favorite places to visit. she is really into old fashioned cars, and her father actually takes her to local car shows often. any old fashioned things brings this girl loads of joy! i hope reading this page gave you a better understanding of who molly stuart truly is. if you wish to learn more about her, you can always feel free to follow her personal instagram account, @DrunkOnCoffee. i hope you have a wonderful day, and don't forget to smile! :)