Molly Cote

Attorney in Portsmouth, Rhode Island

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Molly Kapstein Cote is a Rhode Island attorney practicing in the areas that impact you & your family - family law, criminal defense & personal injury. Her prior experience as a state prosecutor helps her see every case from both sides and work to get the best results for my clients. Especially in criminal cases she has had “backstage” access to the prosecution side of a case. By understanding where the prosecution is coming from, she can capitalize on that knowledge and breakdown the case against her client most effectively. She also has greater jury trial than most. This means she is not afraid to try a case which allows her to pursue the best result most aggressively since she is confident in her trial skills. Finally, she is available to her clients at all times to answer legal questions or just put them at ease. Her ability to relate to people and make them feel comfortable allows her clients to trust her and feel confident during their case.