Molly Frans

You know the name. 22 years old or young however you'd like to interpret. I'm really into food. A lot. I love to travel, but haven't had the funds lately to do so. Hawaii is my favorite place. I've spent a good chunk of time there. I actually enjoy school. I love to learn. I ask a lot of questions. I really enjoy mornings although I hate waking up early. The Hunger Games trilogy was my most recent read. Currently looking for the next. I am a waitress and I like it. Its pretty good money for someone my age. I like to write but I don't really know how very well. I'm an introvert, mostly. I dont drink, don't smoke don't do drugs. Honestly. Sounds kind of lame but I actually really enjoy it. Under my name is says on my way because I am on my somewhere, I am just unsure of where at this point. Teach me something new. :)