Molly Haines

Student in Columbus, Ohio

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I thought that the StrengthsQuest assignment was very interesting, and it helped me learn a lot about myself. I found that my 'adaptability' strength was the most interesting. To me, adaptability means encountering a situation, then dealing with/overcoming it in a way that is effective for solving the problem. I identify with this strength the most, especially now at this point in my life, because I am being thrust into a lot of new situations in the college environment. I think that being adaptable has been my most beneficial strength since starting college because every day I am encountering new academic, social, and personal challenges that I need to overcome. By being able to effectively adapt to these new situations, my college experience has been relatively problem free and I haven't encountered any problems that I couldn't work my way out of.

A second assignment that I learned a lot from was the Time Management Activities. For this assignment, our EHE Survey class had to sill out a time sheet for a week, documenting how we spent our time. In a class discussion, we talked about behaviors that were effective and ineffective, and came up with solutions to help make our schedules and lives easier and more productive. I learned that there were a lot of things that I do in my day that are not conducive to success. I learned that I don't use my day time wisely and as a result, have to stay up late in order to finish homework assignments. Since completing this activity, I have made a huge effort to be more organized and productive, and so far, I have done a really good job.

A third assignment that I learned a lot from was the Lessons from a Future Buckeye assignment. For this assignment, each student had to write five lessons that they learned in their first semester at Ohio State. I thought that this assignment was a good way to encapsulate the most important things I've learned this year, and to list the five pieces of advice that I would want future students to know. I liked this assignment because it gave me a chance to write about all of the things that either would have made my first semester easier, or the things that I realized during my first semester that made it great. I think that this assignment gives students a way to express the most important things that they learned this year, in a quick, concise, and personal way.