Molly Harding

Student in Baltimore, Maryland

I am a full-time student at Towson University, graduating in May of2016. Having worked in customer service for five years, I have accumulated the ability to effectivelycommunicate in a fast paced environment. Majoring in Communication Studies and minoring inMass Communication at my university has allowed me to gain knowledge in the business andprofessional world of communication. I am organizational and team oriented, some- thing I amvery enthusiastic about. I enjoy working with others to achieve a goal, whether I am leading thegroup or not.

My internship at Feats, Inc. has given me expansive experience in higher education. As an event firmfor higher education, Feats has clients including but not limited to: Harvard University, MIT, andDuke University. I have had experience planning events, maintaining vendor relationships, andnegotiating contracts with clients.

As a brand ambassador for the app Hoppen, I have expanded my ability to be a marketing andadvertising professional. Hoppen is a start-up company, which requires strategic and innovativethinking in order to successfully brand the company. Hoppen has strengthened my ability to usesocial media in a corporate setting. As a brand ambassador, I have been successful in doing so andcan expand my skills into future companies.

  • Work
    • Feats, Inc.
  • Education
    • Towson University
    • James Madison University