Molly Johnson

YAHOO: Molly_J_1990

More pics in the link at the bottom :)

Hey I'm Molly! I'm a bisexual 23 year old girl who loves a good role play. I like roles with some flirting, teasing, detail and build up, gradually getting kinky. I'm very open minded and I love to please. I'm not afraid to get dirty. I don't need a massive amount of detail, but I like enough to be able to get into the scene. I like guys, girls, or group role plays. Don't just add me on Yahoo without permission. I don't like my friends list filling up with a ton of random people I haven't talked to before.

KINKS: Age play, anal, ass licking, extreme throat fucking, sloppy blowjobs, gagging, MMF or MFF threesomes, rough sex, massive cocks, huge loads of cum, risky, public, facials, tit fucking, cum swapping or pretty much anything.

ROLES I LIKE: Bro/sis, girlfriends sister, young runaway, modeling audition, porn audition, wasted girl at a party, massage therapist, celeb rp, roommates, camping trip, boyfriends dad or whatever. Let me hear any ideas you have!

I love when my partner sends a picture of my character and outfit in the scene. it helps me really get into character.You can send me a link of a girl you like, or choose one from the link at the bottom.

I don't expect you to be perfect, but I do prefer someone who can be somewhat creative, detailed and interesting. I won't respond to you if you send me a boring roleplay idea that completely lacks any kind plot or build up. Sometimes I have several guys messaging me at the same time and I am more likely to respond if you send me a scene or some ideas, get my attention in your first message. :) I can't respond to everyone.